the "KITES ON AIR" group
We always try to find a flying location where the
wind “quality” is as good as possible. It is very
helpful to find a kite flying site with a minimum
number of the trees, obstructions and rolling hills
that are located upwind from our kites as these
features will create turbulence in the wind,
especially near ground level.  We stay away from
power lines and keep our maximum kite height
within legal limits when flying near an airport.
There are also several good reasons to fly kites
at a location with fewer people and animals as
some do not react well to kites.

Whenever flying within the border of a large city,
as we usually do, it is important to look for a site
which has the lowest possible level of man-made
radio noise. We have found that flying near or
on the edge of a body of saltwater lowers the
level of man-made noise that is received and
performs miracles on the strength of both our
transmitted and received signals. One of our
favorite flying sites is on a point of land that
projects out into the San Diego Bay with salt
water all around us – nothing could be better!
Even the wind is usually 2 mph higher at this

Finally, flying kites from top of a hill or ridge has
not been found to be practical in most cases
because our kites often get caught in the wind's
downdraft on th lea side of the hill.
The photo above is a kite flying on Fiesta Island. We
usually fly on the West edge of the island since the
winds there blow on shore. Therefore, when our kites
come down they are on land and not in the bay. Our
big kites get very heavy when soaked with water and it
takes a lot of washing to remove all of the resulting
salt deposits.